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Sightseeing Tours In Prague.  We are offering many different choices we hope will be interesting to you, we try to cover as many interests as possible, we have nice relaxive River Cruises where you can do your sightseeing from a different perspective, or the Grand City Tour, an indepth look at many historical monuments and buildings in this fascinating city. The list also includes some offers maybe not in your everyday thoughts, like for example the unusual Nuclear Bunker Tour, an insight into a hidden secret for years, now uncovered for all to explore, or the Museum of Communism, step back to the Cold War era just for a short time. We hope you will enjoy some of these sightseeing tours in Prague and will return to your home with many fine memories of this fascinating city. Most of the tours come in a choice of standard languages which are English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Czech, you should let us know which language you prefer when booking.

Sightseeing Tours In PragueSightseeing Tours in The City - We can offer many sightseeing tours of Prague, below are just a few of the daytime offers, these are a mix of coach and walking tours, so if the weather is not so kind the sights can be viewed mainly from the coach but in good weather you can walk with the guide to many places.

City Tour in Brief - A short but informative sightseeing tour of the Czech capital, taking in all the major attractions in the City including the 14th century Charles Bridge spanning across the Vltava River, the grandiose National Museum looming high above the top of Wenceslas Square, the National Theatre with its beautiful architecture and golden roof as well as the breathtaking Prague Castle.
For full information on the tour go to City Tour In Brief

Grand City Tour - A more indepth tour lasting 3 hours, including all the major sights in the city such as the National Museum towering high above at the top of Wenceslas Square, the impressive architecture of the National Theatre situated on the banks of the Vltava River, also Prague's Lesser Town area, the baroque Church of St. Nicholas, the Castle and the world-famous St. Vitus' Cathedral.
For full information on the tour go to Grand City Tour

Jewish Quarter Tour - Visit the only original Jewish town area to survive the War, you will visit the Jewish Museum and stroll through the Old Jewish Cemetery (admission to both included in the price). During the tour you will also see four of the six surviving synagogues - the Old-New Synagogue being the oldest synagogue in Middle Europe. To finish your trip you will be shown the house on the Old Town Square where Franz Kafka was born.
For full information on the tour go to Jewish Quarter Tour

Infant Jesus of Prague Tour - Stories of miracles surround this famous baby Jesus statue, well worth a visit, dating back to 1628 this small statue of the Infant Jesus was brought from Spain to Bohemia by Princess Polyxena who had been given the statue as a wedding gift, history tells of claims of blessings, healing and miracles from those who have visited and prayed before the statue.
For full information on the tour go to Infant Jesus of Prague Tour

Sightseeing Tours In PragueRiver Cruises - To view Prague from the river is another perspective, you will see buildings, sculptures, bridges and more from a different angle, these are also very relaxive and you can enjoy lunch and drinks while touring.

Boat Trip - A relaxive cruise on the Vltava river and you will pass under the famous Charles Bridge, enrout you will enjoy a swan's-eye-view of the breathtaking skyline of majestic Prague Castle and St. Vitus' Cathedral, your senses will be further enchanted by the green cupola of the beautiful, baroque St. Nicholas Church towering over the orange-tiled roofs of the Lesser Town area nestled below the protective embrace of the Prague Castle.
For full information on the tour go to Boat Trip

Boat Cruise With Lunch - Have a nice lunch on one of these luxury boats and take in all the sights of Prague. The Boat Cruise with lunch will last approximately 2 hours as it sails past many historical sights such as the Charles Bridge, the National Theatre with Prague Castle and St Vitus cathedral in the background and Kampa Island.
For full information on the tour go to Boat Cruise With Lunch

River Cruise With Lunch and Music - A guided tour as well as lunch with music and a short walk to begin with, you will stroll the short distance from Wenceslas Square to the historical Old Town area taking in sights such as the Theatre of the Estates where Mozart's Amadeus was first performed, the spectacular, fairy tale-like architecture of the Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock before walking down the trendy, tree-lined Parizska Street with its up-market shops, and on past the Jewish quarter to the Vltava River. Here you begin the cruise section of the Prague river cruise with lunch and music where a buffet-style lunch of hot and cold foods accompanied by live music will be waiting for you on your arrival.
For full information on the tour go to River Cruise With Lunch and Music

We can also offer evening cruises if you prefer to have dinner and a nice cruise, you can see the full list of cruises at Prague River Cruises

Sightseeing Tours In PragueBrewery Tours in Prague - You may have heard a rumour that the best beer in the world comes from the Czech Republic? Well try it yourself and gives us your view, these brewery tours also come with lunch and dinner options, great fun.

Staopramen Brewery Tour - Visit the largest brewery in Prague and learn all the secrets of the brewing process. The Staropramen brewery is the largest in Prague and second largest in the Czech Republic, founded in 1869 it now exports to 37 countries around the world, the word Staropramen means (old spring).
For full information on the tour go to Staropramen Brewery Tour

Medieval Brewery Tour - A family owned micro brewery with a unique tasting black beer, lunch or dinner also possible. The dark beer brewed here is famous in Prague and has a unique taste which compliments Czech food perfectly, our tour will let you experience first hand the "brew master`s" skill and time put into this process.
For full information on the tour go to Medieval Brewery Tour

New Town Brewery Tour - Also a family owned business with popular light ale brewed as you watch. The brew house is the heart of the complex, here on the tour you will learn some of the secrets of the making of the world famous Czech beer. After the tour (translated to English by your own private guide) you can enjoy your lunch or dinner, with the dinner offer all beers you can drink are included !
For full information on the tour go to New Town Brewery Tour

Sightseeing Tours In PragueUnusual Sightseeing Tours in Prague - The title says it all, if you want some different sightseeing tours in Prague then look no further, these tours are different from the normal offers you will find.

Museum of Communism - Step back in time to the Cold War era, many relics of bad days gone bye. The Museum provides visitors the chance to relive the communist era, secret-police interrogations and all, with a unique and vivid experience of the totalitarian regime's affect on all areas of life in Czechoslovakia from the time of its conception in the February coup in 1948 until its collapse as a result of the Velvet Revolution in November of 1989.
For full information on the tour go to Museum of Communism

Bike Tours - For the more energetic tourist, these bikes tours offer a choice of casual to extreme biking, great fun. We have a choice of four tours in total, three are based in Prague and one tour offers for the more energetic traveller a nice ride to Karlstejn Castle approximately 35km southwest from Prague.
For full information on the tours go to Bike Tours

Nuclear Bunker Tour - Hidden deep beneath the streets, a maze of ex secret bunkers for the old regime. During this 2 hour tour you will learn a lot of cold war stories about spies, refugees, political prisoners and the hated STB (secret police). You will hear about the largest statue ever built of Stalin and the Russian invasion in 1968, the death of young Jan Palach (who set fire to himself as a protest) and the story of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 which brought down the communist government.
For full information on the tour go to Nuclear Bunker Tour

We hope you can find something from our sightseeing tours in Prague to make your stay in the Czech capital a very pleasant one.

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