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Prague Best Restaurants.  A full list of some of the top dining locations in the city compiled to suit every taste, all of these you can find in and around the immediate centre of Prague, some of them have superb views of the Charles Bridge and the Castle with garden seated areas to enjoy the views and also you will find some restaurant gardens are heated in the winter so you can enjoy the outdoor views all year round.

We have listed in each restaurant presentation the important details you should know, like average menu price, credit cards which are accepted and capacity in each case, we can also arrange any type of reservation you may require, like business lunches or dinners, wedding celebrations or just table reservations for couples or a group of friends on a lunch meeting or a night out. Our staff can also help you with any booking from our list if you require it, just contact us here in the capital city on the email or telephone numbers provided at the end of each section, we will make sure you get a top table.

You can also easily book by just filling in the Reserve your table form in each section and we will get back to you by email with confirmation as soon as possible. We are constantly updating this information for the benefit of our clients and we will be adding to the present list through the year, enjoy your time sampling these best restaurants in Prague and we hope it will be a very pleasant experience.

Remember we do not charge for reservations in these Prague best restaurants


Kampa Park Restaurant, Na Kampe 8b, Prague 1

Kampa Park restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Prague and finest dining establishments. With both locals and International celebrities it is a very popular location.

Address: Na Kampe 8b, P1
Cuisine style: World Class Haute Cuisine
Speciality: Filet Mignon pepper steak made from genuine prime U.S. Black Angus served on the riverside terrace.
Menu price from: 1000 CZK

Kampa Park Restaurant Reserve your table

Indian Jewel Restaurant Prague

If you are looking for a good Indian meal in Prague then this is the right place to go to. Set just off the Old Town Square it serves up genuine traditional Indian dishes, there is also a nice summer garden area available in this picturesque courtyard setting.

Address: Tyn 6, Prague 1
Cuisine style: Indian.
Speciality: Indian tandoori and curries.
Menu price from: 300 CZK

Indian Jewel Restaurant Reserve your table

Nebozizek Restaurant, Petrinske sady 411, Prague 1

The Nebozizek Restaurant in the Mala Strana area has breathtaking views of Prague and the Castle, perched on top of Petrin Hill is the ideal setting for this top restaurant.

Address: Petrinske sady 411, P1
Cuisine style: Czech and International
Speciality: Czech wild game.
Menu price from: 700 CZK

Nebozizek Restaurant Reserve your table

Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant, Cihelna 2b, Prague 1

Hergetova Cihelna restaurant, lively and stylish, this landmark restaurant on the banks of the river Vltava has spectacular views of the Charles Bridge.

Address: Cihelna 2b, P1
Cuisine style: Creative International and Czech
Speciality: Monk fish with crispy gnocchi.
Menu price from: 750 CZK

Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant Reserve your table

La Casa Argentina Restaurant, Dlouha 35/730, Prague 1

La Casa Argentina restaurant, Argentina as if it were on the palm of your hand. The restaurant is divided into several specially designed sections representing the country from A to Z. Some of the best steaks in Prague make this a sure Best Restaurants in Prague contender.

Address: Dlouha 35/730, P1
Cuisine style: Argentinean
Speciality: The best steaks from Argentina.
Menu price from: 600 CZK

Restaurant La Casa Argentina Reserve your table

V Zatisi Restaurant, Liliova 1, Prague 1

V Zatisi restaurant has a very good reputation in the business and diplomatic community, set in a quiet corner of the City but in the centre it offers top cuisine and service to match, one of the top offers in the Best Restaurants in Prague listings.

Address: Liliova 1, P1
Cuisine style: International and Bohemian
Speciality: Concept double pleasure, two kinds of sauces with almost all main dishes
Menu price from: 990 CZK

Restaurant V Zatisi Reserve your table

Mlynec Restaurant, Novotneho Lavka 9, Prague 1

Mlynec restaurant well know as one of the Best Restaurants in Prague is situated in a prime location, just metres away from the Historical Charles Bridge, right beside the picturesque Vltava river, with views of Prague Castle and much more.

Address: Novotneho Lavka 9, P1
Cuisine style: Cosmopolitan with Asian fusion and Czech
Speciality: Danish veal fillet mignon with Foie Gras..
Menu price from: 1000 CZK

Mlynec Restaurant Reserve your table

La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant, Kaprova 5, Prague 1

La Bodeguita del Medio restaurant, classed as one of the liveliest Best Restaurants in the capital and is a relatively new establishment located right in the heart of historical Prague with much more on offer than just its exquisite culinary delights.

Address: Kaprova 5, P1
Cuisine style: Latin Americano
Speciality: International and kreol cuisine, plus great Mojito.
Menu price from: 600 CZK

La Bodeguita del Medio Restaurant Reserve your table

Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant, U Obecniho domu 1, Prague 1

The Sarah Bernhardt restaurant is a masterpiece of architecture. It is named after Sarah Bernhardt, an actress and singer. The interior is classic Art Nouveau, blue cleft mosaic with original lighting fixtures.

Address: U Obecniho domu 1, P1
Cuisine style: Czech and International
Speciality: Poached sea trout fillet.
Menu price from: 990 CZK

Sarah Bernhard Restaurant Reserve your table

Bellevue Restaurant, Smetanovo Nabrezi 18, Prague 1

Bellevue restaurant has wonderful views of the Charles Bridge and the Castle with the Vltava river in the foreground, couple this with a delicious menu and this makes it a dining experience not to miss.

Address: Smetanovo Nabrezi 18, P1
Cuisine style: Czech and International
Speciality: Black truffle crusted veal loin.
Menu price from: 1135 CZK

Bellevue Restaurant Reserve your table

Bily Konicek Restaurant, Old Town Square 20, Prague 1

The Bily Konicek restaurant and Jazz and Blues club, set on the beautiful historical Old Town Square in Prague centre and is part of one of Prague`s oldest houses called U Zlateho Jednorozce, a perfect setting for a romantic meal.

Address: Old Town Square 20, P1
Cuisine style: Czech and International
Speciality: Live Jazz and Blues music with your delightful meal.
Menu price from: 890 CZK

Bily Konicek Restaurant Reserve your table

Medieval Tavern Restaurant, Celetna 595/17, Prague 1

The Medieval Tavern restaurant in Prague is dining with a difference, you will be transformed back in time to the Middle Ages, whilst enjoying a full meal and drinks you will also be entertained all evening by jugglers, sword swalloers, fire eaters and more

Address: Celetna 595/17, P1
Cuisine style: Czech
Speciality: Medieval theme and Czech food with full entertainment.
Menu price from: 990 CZK

Medieval Tavern Reserve your table

U Fleku Restaurant, Kremencova 11, Prague 1

The famous U Fleku restaurant and brewery in the centre of Prague is renowned throughout the world and is now known as one of Prague`s landmarks. The home brew dark beer is a trademark in this restaurant and the food is typical Czech cuisine.

Address: Kremencova 11, P1
Cuisine style: Czech
Speciality: Goulash a la flek.
Menu price from: 350 CZK

U Fleku Restaurant Reserve your table

Novomestsky Restaurant, Vodickova 20, Prague 1

The Novomestsky Restaurant and micro brewery is a family run affair, it is situated just a few hundred metres from Wenceslas Square in Prague 1 and was founded in 1993 on the site of an old brew house said to date back to 1434.

Address: Vodickova 20, P1
Cuisine style: Czech
Speciality: Pork knuckle
Menu price from: 300 CZK

Novomestsky Restaurant Reserve your table

U Vejvodu Restaurant, Jilska 4, Prague 1

The large restaurant U Vejvodu can offer something for everyone, built in early 1400 the building is steeped with history, it was extensevly rebuilt in 1618 in the typical renaissance style.

Address: Jilska 4, P1
Cuisine style: Czech and International cuisine
Speciality: Czech game
Menu price from: 200 CZK

U Vejvodu Restaurant Reserve your table

Top Restaurants in Prague

We have included all the top Restaurants in Prague on offer on one easy to read page to help you decide which dining establishment best suits your taste. Remember we do not charge for making a reservation for you, and we can advise you on the best choice of restaurant to suit your taste.

The Top Restaurants in Prague

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